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Veterinary Practice Registration for Licensed Veterinarians

Any Practice member who registers will be automatically designated a Practice Director, with the highest level of permissions in using ADC.
If approved, a welcome e-mail will be sent to the Practice Director's e-mail address, with a button to select to download the ADC app, and a Registration Key for installation on an unlimited number of PCs in your Practice. The E-mail Address along with a Password will also be sent to use to login to ADC.
ADC can also be run on any non-PC using the Microsoft Remote Desktop® app. This free app can be easily downloaded from the App Store for Apple® computers and devices (Macs, iPads, iPad Pros), or from Google Play for Android® computers and devices. The app can be installed on any non-PC, then can be set-up to launch ADC directly on the computer or device.
Alternatively, ADC can also be run on any non-PC using the online RDWeb interface. The interface can be opened and set-up to launch ADC to run online for the computer or device.
If you wish to run ADC on non-PCs, you have the option of selecting one or more Remote Desktop licenses that you would like to have available to run at the SAME time. Please see the bottom of this registration form.
If approved, another welcome e-mail will be sent to the Practice Director’s e-mail address, with your Remote Desktop License User Name(s) and Password(s). These can be used to set-up launching ADC with the Microsoft Remote Desktop® application or with an online RDWeb interface.
After launching ADC, the Practice Director can add an unlimited number of Practice Users under the Settings wheel including other Practice Directors, Practice Managers, Practice Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, and Receptionists.
To see the current subscription fees, please select Pricing.
Practice Name:
Zip/Postal Code:
First Name:
Last Name:
Practice Director
E-mail Address:
Please enter a unique e-mail address that only you use in your Practice. You will be sent your own unique, random alphanumeric password to use with this e-mail address for you to login as a Practice Director.
Practice E-mail Address:
Telephone Number:
Licensing Body Link:
Please go to your veterinary licensing body website, navigate to the page where you are listed as a licensed veterinarian, then copy/paste the link for this page into the field above. Subscription to this application is only available to licensed veterinarians.
Number of Remote Desktop License(s) to be used at the SAME time on non-PCs: This optional feature is only if you wish to use the ADC application on non-PCs such as Macs, iPads, iPad Pros, or Android devices. Select up to 2 licenses for the free trial, then this can be increased to more after the free trial period ends.